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someone who feels the need to use facebook as a forum to make others think he or she is smarter than them
Brad is the quintessential facebook philosopher. Constantly trying to broadcast his 'brilliance'.
by provider44 January 14, 2010
extremely jealous
When Wanda informed me that her and Trent were going out on a date i was filled with jealousy, but when I caught sight of them making love in her barn I turned into the epitome of a jelly belly.
by provider44 January 13, 2010
anyone with a nose too big for their face and arms too big for their body.
Hojo is such a situation, just look at the incredible disproportion he possesses.
by provider44 January 20, 2010
when the semen on the end of the penis sticks to the underwear
I scurried off to the restroom to urinate after sex because I was well aware of the impending onset of dreaded tip grip.
by provider44 January 13, 2010
attractive piano legs on a woman.
My lord Suzie has the most odious set of tree trunk legs, but her sisters version is much more appetizing, flesh boots I believe is what the locals refer to them as.
by provider44 January 13, 2010
to ease someones mind and put them to sleep by going through all of your favorite urbandictionary.com definitions.
'Baby?Can you not get to sleep?Let daddy come in and feed you some urban milk.'
by provider44 January 13, 2010
someone who's robust balls are more awe inspiring than their cock
My balls are rather ordinary but Handy's girlfriend claims he has thunder dumplings underneath his nondescript member.
by provider44 January 14, 2010
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