A sexual innuendo or synonym for sexual relations.
Dude, I skyped her all night long!
by WolfpackRHIT September 19, 2010
Something that exits the body after having digested sustenance.
I had a horrible Skype after eating that extra spicy Chinese last night!

I wasted my time on this Skype; I can't believe it!

Who ever thought of this Skype is a jack-knob.
by aSiMpLeREAList. August 02, 2013
Kids that hang out outside buildings and smoke cigarettes. They are not good people and are frequently seen outside apartments, shopping malls, department stores and restaurants. They become leeches and do not contribute to society in any way. If you see a skype look at them condescendingly as you walk into the host establishment. Don't worry about the repercussions due to the fact that their lit "lung dart" prevents them from retaliating.
Look at these skypes. They are dumb. (condescending look followed by ducking into the building)
by Bud T. Man October 22, 2007
a sexual position in which is worked as a doggie but on skype
I skyped her last nite
by brownduke November 26, 2010
In a video game, to snipe out of the air or to snipe in mid air
by vangeox July 10, 2008
Probable the most popular instant messaging program, Skype has many features, including games, calls around the world, custom avatars, and conferences.How many businessmen use AIM for important meetings?
Hey, my friend texted me to go on Skype.His friend is going to show me this really cool thing.I just hope it's not a rickroll.
by OhExploitable November 09, 2009
the antichrist!
skype is another evil company like google. everybody uses it, everybody likes it, everybody gets observed. if you have skype on your computer, it's not your computer anymore but skypes computer. they can see what you write in your chats and they can hear what you say in your calls. they know where you live, the know who you are, they know your interests and if they wanted to fuck you up, they could do it easily.
BUT, skype is also a very handy programm and as long as you dont try shit like h4x1ng the pentagon nothing will happen to you.
normal guy: yesterday i downloaded skype and called my sister in europe for free. skype sure is handy.

slightly schizophrenic guy: oh god... another one lost
by dontusecromebrowseritsevil June 11, 2009

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