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To be extremely crazy. Originates from part 13 of R.kelly's 'trapped in the closet', a epic 22 part 'hip-hopera' saga.
Smoking weed in here tron? that is crazier than a fish with titties!
by Ebonyks August 16, 2007
Past tense of using skype or another VOIP service to make a phone call.
I skyped my friend last night, He has cancer
by Ebonyks March 22, 2010
A term describing the sum of one's internet activities, including facebook and twitter profiles, forum activity, instant message conversations, websites run, etc. The term is meant in contrast to the rest of one's life in the real world.
My internet self is such a dick to this girl... i'd be way nicer to her in real life.
by Ebonyks January 23, 2011
A pseudonym for someone's identity on the internet. This is who they are in chat rooms/forums/online social network (facebook, myspace, etc) in contrast with who they are in the real world.
My digital alter ego got huge last week, after my definition got added to the urban dictionary front page. I got 10 friend invites on facebook today from people I don't remember.
by Ebonyks January 22, 2011
An unofficial form of prostitution where (usually a woman) has money added to her prepaid cellphone in exchange for sex. Used on the island of St. Kitts and possibly other caribbean nations.
"What's up?'
"Oh, not much, my girl dropped by for some top up sex earlier"
"How much did you give her?"
"20 EC"
by Ebonyks December 28, 2009
The results of a particularly bad case of indigestion. Its trademark is having both rain (diarrhea) and wind (gas).
After eating Chinese yesterday, I had one hell of an assphoon
by Ebonyks January 14, 2008
A term to collectively describe the friends, family and other social networks that live far enough away from you that you're limited to communicating through phone calls, sms, AIM, facebook, etc.
I've been doing a bad job at living my long distance life lately, I haven't talked to my old college buddies for three weeks.
by Ebonyks July 06, 2010

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