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Past tense of using skype or another VOIP service to make a phone call.
I skyped my friend last night, He has cancer
by Ebonyks March 22, 2010
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When you get a fuckin hawt ass bitch in your room then you fucking skype dat shit to your homies and then they all JO to dat shit

SwanConery: Yo kwalk get your ass on skype now, ducknorris about to hit dis bitches meat curtains

Kwalk: oh yeah dat bitch is gettin skyped fo show
by ducknorris January 24, 2010
The result of carrying on a relationship only via an Instant Messanger, (AIM,CUSEEME,ICQ,BBS) for a period of time, after which you discover that the person on the other end is not who they said they where.
bill42 - hey linda, how are things?
xxlindaxx - good bill, where are you from?
bill42 - good old colorado, the sunshine state.
xxlindaxx - lucky! i'm stuck in boring duluth.

..... 2 months later.....

bill42 - so linda are we still on for this weekend?
xxlindaxx - yeah, but can i ask you a question?
bill42 - absolutely!
xxlindaxx - well, this is roy in the cubicle next to you, i meant everything that i said and i hope you did to. are we still on for saturyday.
bill42 - ahh. i see i've been skyped.
by Thomas Jeremy April 24, 2011
Suffering due to someone else's poor planning
Dude, we just got Skyped!
by C.Z January 28, 2008
multi-usage verb meaning to be tricked, cheated, robbed, hit, talked to, eaten, punched, kissed, hugged
That guy just got skyped.

I cant believe you skyped me yesterday.
by fsprink July 10, 2008

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