Another word for scrap, or beef.
"bro i got into skype with that fag"
"I'll skype u OUT"
by TheGCrew April 16, 2010
lable for a megabitch, and of the jewish race
she never thinks of anyone but herself. She's a skype..
by little blackdress817 November 17, 2009
an overrated chat program that destroys the tradition of typing and is used for lazy people and video reviewers.
Skype is a more user friendly Ventrilo.
"wanna use skype? DURRRRRRRRRR"
*gets shot*
by giant hamster September 25, 2009
to be skipped out on money that is rightfully yours
The merchant skyped me out of my change.
by Wxwxx June 25, 2007
Derogatory term for a person with red hair.
A pseudo-racial slur.

Originally from the Latin: scipe, meaning to have red hair and be developmentally delayed. Springing from early skirmishes between the Gallic forces with red hair and the Romans who were unaccustomed to laying the beatdown on such poor troops.
"Hey you! Ya You! Ya dirty skype, get the hell offa ma porch!"

"Get your patchouli skype ass outta my store!"
by Trank Razzle April 26, 2004
From them real gangstas talkin about drug habits and drug related things
yo im bout to cop me sum Skype
by Travis Styles April 12, 2005

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