Top Definition
megan is a skuzzy but we love her.
by OAK GRIZZLE June 21, 2005
A bulletin board moderator that uses Nazi-like tactics to control a political tone on a bulletin board.
"He was PNG'd by a Skuzzy"
by Beet1e April 10, 2007
dirty, unfit for public, embarrassing, bum
"we rolled outta bed and went to taco bell in our pj's and greasy ass messy buns with booty shorts. skuzzy hoes for the win."
by eeeepki December 31, 2012
A girl who forms film around the skin of her face, composed of oil, semen, peach fuzz around the lip (dark in nature), and of course, dirt.
Kristin is one skuzzy assed bitch. She needs to shave. (not just upstairs)
by Hugh G. Rection January 12, 2004
when you look medicore in pictures
i looked pretty skuzzy in that pic since i didnt shave
by Jwords April 26, 2008
A Mexican Youth affiliated with crime,Gangs,and hoodlums
I busted a Cap in dat Skuzzyz azz.
by ToNyDaSKuzZ August 19, 2004
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