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less than excellent; mediocre. An all-too-common Internet typo of 'mediocre'.
While Metallica's _Master of Puppets_ is a stellar metal album, _Load_ and _Reload_ are just medicore.
by Clay Gilbert February 08, 2007
The act of performing hardcore medical surgeries by extreme surgeons. Such scenarios may include a surgeon wearing roller blades while removing a tumor. Or just using an ice skate to make an incision.
"Dude, I've never seen such extreme surgery performed! Dude performed a back flip while lasering my eye! He was SO Medicore!"
by ergyu January 15, 2009
It means like a metal-core drummer on steroids. Not to be confused with:


Of only moderate quality; not very good: "a mediocre actor".
middling - moderate - indifferent - ordinary - mean
The homie Matthew is a medicore Drummer of Interpret the Odyssey.
by TjDaDj June 07, 2013
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