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15 definitions by Jwords

a smelly slut.

a slutty girl that smells like filth.
that girl is pretty smutty.

girls from the ghetto are smuts.
by Jwords April 26, 2008
163 117
when you look medicore in pictures
i looked pretty skuzzy in that pic since i didnt shave
by Jwords April 26, 2008
17 13
when you make your head go up in a zig zag motion like a seal and slam it back down on your shoulder
when i seen you do the donerkoch i asked bobby, did he just body slam his shoulder?????????
by Jwords April 26, 2008
0 1
an ugly animal. "skaminal" is another words migrated from the word skruge.
your pug is a skaminal, look at those wrinkles fucking looks like a jelly roll!
by Jwords April 26, 2008
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when you give a serious yet sad look on your face when you disagree with something and shake your head no
yo andy how about that mazda rx 7? *gives rotary engine face*
by Jwords April 26, 2008
2 3
a trick for fat girls on myspace. all you have to do is take a picture of yourself, shrink it and stretch upwards. for extra advice you may want to open your mouth as well. this makes you look skinny on myspace, facebook, aol profiles, etc.
i did the k.killz trick to make myself look skinny so i can go out with lee hotti
by Jwords April 26, 2008
1 3
coming from the infamous "mr hands and super sam deep thrusts" video, most commonly known as death by horse cock. it simply means to give a girl anal and slam your cock so hard in her ass that it hurts.
i super sammed that hoe!!!!!!!!
by Jwords April 26, 2008
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