The ending which can be placed on ANY English word to make it sound Russian.
Person 1: How are you doing good sir?

Person 2: Iski, am very goodski
by Thespamanator April 11, 2009
A (drug) scale; usually of the digital variety.
"Yo Tory, where's your ski? I need to weigh up that QP."
by Peterson September 07, 2004
A Double Cola-related soda made with orange juice and lemon juice with carbonated water and other ingredients. Named after an employee's activity during their honeymoon.
Man from South: Ski is better than Surge, Mello Yello, Mountain Dew, and other similar sodas to me!

Man from North: I'm with you, partner, I'm no longer a "Man from North".
by frodaddy January 21, 2005
The typical last name ending of a Polish person.
Hey, Darren Kozulopowski, your a pollock.
by ...emerica... January 26, 2005
Abrev; propernoun; "Sukmanouski". since people cant say the name of Sukmanouski, surname of Russian origin, they have taken to the abreveation of the word Ski
"ski stop being such a piece of work, and clean up your own motorpool."
by living proof December 12, 2003
In the video game series Tribes; an advanced technique allowing expeditious movement down slopes by bunnyhopping.
The flag carrier skied away from our base faster than the heavy-armor defenders could catch him
by Maurs January 31, 2005
when riding in a vehicle with a bench seat, with two men on the outside, the person riding in the middle is said to be skiing. This is because they can grasp the outer men's penises similiar to ski poles.
On the way to London last night i had to ski between john and andy
by kyle from rostock March 17, 2007
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