n. a beer. short for brewski
yo, toss me a ski.
Did you bring your skis?
by Kyle Funk December 08, 2005
A ho or a get right. Related to the word Slide.
Comes from song "GetLow" by Lil jon Featuring the Ying Yang Twins
Naa Dont mess with her she is a ski.
by Sierra March 01, 2005
Having intercourse with someone
The couple went skiing last night.
by lickitysplit12 April 02, 2007
Interracial dating, particularly a black person dating a white person, just as a skier plunges into the white snow. last seen at Duke U., Durham, USA, mid-1980s
We haven't seen Steve for weeks, since he started skiing with that Tri-Delt.
by Zen06 June 19, 2005
to cumover a person belly while giving a person a blowjob
i was skiing all over her/him
by hi May 05, 2004
When a dude ejaculates after recieving oral sex (blow job)
yo, i skiid all over her face last night
by Janele August 30, 2003
one of the gayest sports in the world. Snowboarding is so much better. only old people and people from the Switzerland area do this sport.
Swiss person: I love to ski, ja!

American dude: You suck monkey tits

Gay dude: like....I don't like know.....i luvs to shki!!

80 year old dud: me too sonny... back in my day we had to hike up the mountain ourself, with a 60 pound backpack
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008
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