This is to be occasionally placed at the end of a word (usually while intoxicated) possibly indicating a sense of excitement about the said word.
It can also be added to the end of a person's name, indicating their level of coolness. The addition of more than one "-ski" indicates that the person is more cool than that of a person with only one "-ski". However, adding too many "-ski's" to the end of a word indicates a level of retardation on behalf of the speaker. "-ski's" are best used in moderation.
"Hey what up broski!?" "Yeah hey man, we're going to B-Dubsski's. You wanna come?"

Or used in a name: "Seanskiski", or "Ryanski" - Sean being more cool than Ryan, since he has two "-ski's", rather than Ryan's one "-ski".
by Easymode 4 Life March 04, 2010
1. a sport played on snow, sliding down a snowy hill on two long flat sticks.
2. to fuck
Ryan: I'm going to totally ski your mom tonight bro.

Ryan: The fuck position is the way you stand when you ski, and the motion you use to place your dick inside a vagina.
by G.Rack December 09, 2010
A shortened work for "bruski" or "beer". A single beer.
Yeah, Imma hit the bar up later and get a "ski" or two.
by QMark April 11, 2015
Verb (capitalized) - To engage in a battle of wits while unarmed.
It's better to remain silent and appear a fool, than to Ski and remove all doubt.
by Nizrael December 25, 2011
A suffix that is added to random words to make you look like a huge tool.
Yo that chick is so hot. Yeah manski!
Broski! Wus gucci?
Yoski bro, grab the spoons. It's time to lax.
by Kfrodes May 15, 2011
A suffix for a word to sound more like a "bro". Often used in phrases considering future actions to be made. Or monumental actions in the past.
Bill-"i just took the biggest dumpski"

Jack-"lets go to the poolski"
by Dr.Dorian June 22, 2009
Verb: To Ski, Go Skiing, Spending your Kids Inheritance.
"we just sold the house and were going Skiing!"
by Votercolonel February 22, 2010
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