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The art of acquiring an overpriced (usually $9.99 USD) fantasy footall magazine guide and using that advice to win a championship. A proven method in the case of Dusty winning the Metal League Solid 2014 season.
Travis wants to use Dustball to win it all this year in fantasy football.
by RangerDuss2015 July 03, 2015
Multi-talented animator if such hits as "Play" and "American Idle" as seen on and variety of other websites.
"There is a new movie out by Dustball, it's the bomb!"
by animationdude July 14, 2005
The guy from Ventura High School who did all those movies, that music, art, and more. Known for his versitility and wide range of talents.
Aren't you Dustball?
by anonymous May 20, 2004
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