Spending Kids Inheritance.
Senior Citizen to another "where you been, haven't seen you for a bit"
reply "I've been SKI-ing. Had a bit of a blow-out"
by jimforcad May 18, 2009
See skeeze, skeaze.
He kept calling me "skis," so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, but I couldn't find it. Now where's that guy with the skinny dick attached to the big wallet?
by Sean Brian Kirby October 17, 2005
to pull up on someone and tell them to check the tires and then spin the tires and leave them standing
glenn and armand pulled a ski on me when i needed aride from school
by glenn grey jr October 25, 2009
a prefix.

Shoved on the end of every word possible.
"I'll give you a ring-ski"
"A new coat-ski"
"It's like a party on your tongue-ski"
by Spoors October 26, 2003
When a girl gives to guys a handjob at once with both of her hands.
"She skiid us both last night"
by Me April 17, 2004
An absolutely retarded suffix which can be added to just about any word in the English language. Most commonly used by loners who are trying to get attention and just plain faggots that no one likes.
Joe: Hey Mac, do you want to go get some drink-skis?
Mac: Hey Joe, why don't you shut your God Dam mouth?
by Neil Beaton April 06, 2008
Something you add on to a persons name or object because they are Russian and have lots of Cash.
Sup Dermski, wanna come over to dylskis house for some good ol fashioned foosball?
by Pedersen January 26, 2006
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