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A slang term for Polish people. Usually meant as an insult. Often heard in western Pennsylvania. Pollocks often have an uncontrollable love of Polka music.
Donnie - "I had Kraut and Kielbasa for dinner last night"

Jim - "you're such a pollock"
by Donnie Iris June 01, 2006
302 179
A slang term for a Polish person.
That stupid Pollock.
by Fujar May 30, 2005
165 120
A word you cannot use to describe another polish person unless you are also a pollock.
polish person 1: Yo pollock!
polish person 2: Wassup pollock?
black person: Hey pollocks!
both polish people: shut up you racist!
by notorious tre March 07, 2009
127 110
To ejaculate on a surface in a manner that resembles the artistic form of the late Jackson Pollock- known for his drippings and trickling of paint across canvas.
"Dude, I Pollock-ed all over her face last night."
by 2Smeds1Cat March 09, 2014
1 3
v. The process of having a particularly aggressive and forceful bout of diarrhea that leaves the inside of the bowl splattered as though Jackson Pollock had painted it in your poo.

n. The resulting image of the interior of the toilet bowl after one has pollocked.
Lindsey, if you keep eating those garbanzo beans you are going to pollock!
by Professor Quinta July 10, 2012
18 21
To bust a load all over something/someone mimicking the art style of Jackson Pollock.
Dick: Say Dude. D'you tell your girlfriend sorry for me?
Dude: Sorry for what?
Dick: Sorry for having to wake up with her eyes sealed shut after I pollocked all over her face.
by Snell August 08, 2006
104 115
A: A term when looking at modern art that seems to have no direction. Refrencing to Jackson Pollock who used dripping, slashing, throwing and other assorted movments to express himself and the artwork.

B: An insult inwhich the person would be saying that the style is bad.
Person A: It reminds me of Pollock.
Person B: Interesting.. I like it!

Person A: Looks like we got another Pollock on our hands.
Person B: Yep..
by M!sc June 06, 2005
21 35