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When someone thinks they are a ten on the hot scale and they are in fact to the rest of the world a 6 or below;it is also highly contageous and many a time sixes will clump together in groups only fueling more of each others dellusional thoughts.
Person 1: Omg did you see Clara and Tabor today they were just sitting around talking about how beautiful they were!
Person 2: Oh wow again I wish they would just look in the mirror and see that they are not that hot.
Person 1: I know they are total sixes.
by brownviking February 04, 2010
A slang term used for a black person, based on the fact that the word 'nigger' has six letters in it. Allows one to hurl racial slurs without others knowing exactly what you mean.
That six stole my bike.
by dick bruiseface December 07, 2006
short for six pack (as in six pack of beer)
I figured I'd need about a six of Miller, And one of them things so I wouldn't spill her
by Whackmaster November 28, 2007
Ya'll best be learnin' what ghetto slang is...

A "six" is not a 6 cylinder car.
A "six" is not a top of the line mercedes.

When rappers refer to a "six" they are speaking about a six figure item (typically a car). Why the hell would Jay-Z rap about a buick, pacer or pinto (all of which are available in 6 cylinders)????
See the 20's looking mean on the six.

We all know a 20 is a 20 inch rim. It's on a six figure car, not a six cylinder car.
by Troy G December 07, 2006
to take forcefully from behind
After being sent to prison, the diminutive man was sixed by his cellmate Rufus on a regular basis.
by Goo June 03, 2003
the cops are referred to as five oh, so to be on the six, you are one ahead of the cops
hey man, i'm rolling here, keep six
by shanu May 26, 2005
1. Between 5 and 7.
2. Blossom's friend from the TV show Blossom.
1. That's the 6th time I done this!
2. Six is the worst character on Blossom.
by ChoujinkiMetalder April 23, 2005