A way of saying "I don't know what you are talking about", only to be used in this meaning to counter the phrase "Stop it Five".
Jon: I did see Will Smith at the grocery store
Jill: (Scoffs) Stop it Five
Jon: Six
by 10octaves August 05, 2011
A slang term used for a black person, based on the fact that the word 'nigger' has six letters in it. Allows one to hurl racial slurs without others knowing exactly what you mean.
That six stole my bike.
by dick bruiseface December 07, 2006
short for six pack (as in six pack of beer)
I figured I'd need about a six of Miller, And one of them things so I wouldn't spill her
by Whackmaster November 28, 2007
Ya'll best be learnin' what ghetto slang is...

A "six" is not a 6 cylinder car.
A "six" is not a top of the line mercedes.

When rappers refer to a "six" they are speaking about a six figure item (typically a car). Why the hell would Jay-Z rap about a buick, pacer or pinto (all of which are available in 6 cylinders)????
See the 20's looking mean on the six.

We all know a 20 is a 20 inch rim. It's on a six figure car, not a six cylinder car.
by Troy G December 07, 2006
Australian pronunciation of the word 'sex'.
I just hed six with a right randy sheila.
by Maxx May 25, 2004
A yellow robot that takes you forcefully from behind.
After being sent to prison, the diminutive man was sixed, and lost six subtanks.
by lil billy December 29, 2003
A yellow Robot which speeds around dodging in and out of every harm's way. Zero's forever rival. The author of a sprite comic titled MegaBand.
*Six loses two subtanks!*
by Bianka December 10, 2003

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