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An era of free sex, and drugs
Welcome to the sixties
by Paccali November 11, 2002
(n.) sickstee 1. African American. Short for 60%, deriving from the 3/5 compromise.

Bob: "Gee wilikers, did you see the sixty?"

Joe: "Only his eyes and teeth"
by Rufus Jenkins January 24, 2007
When a male has to urinate badly enough that he produces an unbroken flow for at least sixty seconds.
Dude, after I drank twelve beers and then drove home, it was no surprise that I cranked out a sixty.
by green_griffon May 08, 2010
Cigarrette slang term for a ciggarette.
This is either because sixty sounds like cig, or because you can use the word like a cig break- a sixty second break.
Hey, let's go for a sixty.
by Derek Herron June 21, 2004
Your home or base. Derives from the term "six o'clock" as in where are you flying from.

You fly from and return to your sixty.
What's your sixty?
by PilotByKnight August 29, 2008
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