to take forcefully from behind
After being sent to prison, the diminutive man was sixed by his cellmate Rufus on a regular basis.
by Goo June 03, 2003
Six, when used to reference a car, most often refers to a Range Rover 4.6 which, in the past, was the premium model of Range Rover and cost significantly more money than the basic 4.0, hence having a 4.6 is a bragging point.
"What's the difference between a 4.6 and 4.0? Like thirty to forty thousand cocksucker, beat it!" Jay-Z "Imaginary Player"

"I am killin' em out there they needin' first aid,
cuz' the boy got more sixes than first grade" Jay-Z "Jigga That Nigga"
by Micah Lindley April 27, 2006
the cops are referred to as five oh, so to be on the six, you are one ahead of the cops
hey man, i'm rolling here, keep six
by shanu May 26, 2005
1. Between 5 and 7.
2. Blossom's friend from the TV show Blossom.
1. That's the 6th time I done this!
2. Six is the worst character on Blossom.
by ChoujinkiMetalder April 23, 2005
Something that is jammed with. Another word that encompasses any particular activity or target. See also, Jam with the six.
Hey, I just got a vintage box of Mr. T cereal, lets bust it open and jam with that six.
by Stupidvan March 20, 2003
Stereotypical description or identification of a jewish person. Their nose is shaped like a "6".
Listen to that guy argue...what a 6.

Or Check out the "6" on that chick.
by Petrol555 April 25, 2005
A name for a car with a V6 engine.
Getting head from two chicks in my wood-grain six.
by qbeezy313z June 14, 2004
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