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To ignore a person. Mainly used in electronic communications, i.e., cell phones. To be ignored is to to be put on slash I. Originally derived from the IRC days of using /i to ignore a person.
"Hey man...I tried to call you all last night, you musta had me on slash i." or "Rogers, you got me on slash i or something? I been trying to get a hold of you for a minute
by Petrol555 April 25, 2005
I just came up with this abbreviation for this purpose.

NFO: "Now Fuck Off"

This is what you put at the end of an email, forum post, or other written correspondence to say the words, without actually coming out and saying them. Especially to those who have no clue.
"Oh yeah...great job on kissing the bosses ass in the meeting. NFO"
#fuck off #piss off #bugger off #fuck #sod off
by petrol555 February 23, 2008
Child born of an inter-racial couple. (black male, white female)
1) Look at that poor chick...damn, she already has a kool.

2) Did you hear that Kelly fuck'd Tyrone... Now they have a kool.

3) Any afro-laden, hyella, mix breed black kid...typically running around a store unattended, getting into shit...without any manners or social training.
#cool #kool #interracial #inter-racial #race traitor #afro #poorwhitebitchthrewherlifeaway
by Petrol555 April 12, 2006
Stereotypical description or identification of a jewish person. Their nose is shaped like a "6".
Listen to that guy argue...what a 6.

Or Check out the "6" on that chick.
by Petrol555 April 25, 2005
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