United States military slang for Ass
"Catch my six" (Watch my Ass)
"I'll kick your six"(I'll kick your ass)
"Kiss my six" (Kiss my ass)
by JohnC1234 June 12, 2012
a shortened form of six gun, which is slang for a revolver
"i got six and i'm aiming 'em"
check yoself - ice cube
by FZ1 Naked October 31, 2008

To refuse to call something by its new name, the classic example being Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, which people refuse to call Avenue of the Americas even though the name change occurred over 60 years ago.

Often the "sixing" is a matter of principle, where a perfectly good name is changed for politically correct, corporate, or other inane reasons. "Sixing" long after the name change has occurred is known as "deep six."
1) The RFK Bridge? Six that! Triboro for life.

2) Person 1: You still callin' it Idlewild? They changed it to JFK in 1963!

Me: The deep six remains in effect, after all a man is nothing without his principles.
by Harlem River Rider March 07, 2010
Military Slang for saving one's a*s.
The Sgt. saved my six back there.
by Dancing Val August 31, 2009
1. reference to evil. Six is the numeric representation of sin. 666
2. A guitar (six string)
3. a gun (six-shooter)
1. "six, six-six the number of the beast"
2. "I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back"
3. "I'm a devil on the run
A six gun lover"
by nicholas vlad moddachovski December 16, 2008
A person who is so incredibly ugly that they become attractive.
Everyone wants to sleep with them.
Also can sometimes be referred too as a "MEGA-SIX" but only in extreme cases, like Wendy.

*Sees random really ugly person across the street*

Emily Kirkham: SIX!!
by sixman April 18, 2009
A way of saying "I don't know what you are talking about", only to be used in this meaning to counter the phrase "Stop it Five".
Jon: I did see Will Smith at the grocery store
Jill: (Scoffs) Stop it Five
Jon: Six
by 10octaves August 05, 2011
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