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4 definitions by Kbud

To be sick from non-abuse related situations. Abuse could be drugs or physical.
Hey Zan, are you sick from drinking too much booze or are you sick sick ?
by Kbud August 12, 2007
When you measure the length of your wank stroke and multiply this by the average strokes per masterbation session. This gives you the total distance you have to rub over you dick to achieve a hot steamy creamy ejaculation.

Note: Derived from wind-run which is the average distance meteorologists measure the length gusts of wind blow over.
While using the hot-shots radar gun and pretending to wank, the scatman recorded a velocity of 3 m/s. Therefore, multiplying this by an average wank time of 30 minutes, or 1800 seconds gives a wank-run of 5400 m. A pretty impressive wank-run compared to my premature ejaculation which gives my only a wank run of 20 metres.
by Kbud October 26, 2007
The serious need to go smoke some marijuana.
The ideas from the white cloud were flowing after I had a grass transplant.
by Kbud September 18, 2007
Your most top clothes. The clothes you would wear to a ball, fancy dinner, job interview, etc..
Kent: Scatman, see your wearing your number 1's eh,

Scatman: Yeah, been trying to get a job as a hydraulics engineer

Kent: Sounds serious, you wanna get high?

Scatman: Yeah
by Kbud November 05, 2007