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1. Awesome.

2. Awful.
1. Duuude, sick !

2. Duuude, sick...
by TheSpanishInquisition November 08, 2010
When something happens that is bad, when you are mad.
"Yo, I just spilled ketchup on my new pants."
"Ohhhhh. You sick!
by Crack Jack March 07, 2010
In British usage: vomit.
Mike and John were cottaging in the public library WC and Mike slipped and fell on some sick.
by pentozali March 03, 2014
Used to describe an action that is perceived as comically undesirable.
Example 1)
Lauren: I accidentally kissed my date on the neck! He was leaning in, so I was in route for a kiss, but apparently he was going for a hug.

Amie: Ewe Laura! You're sick!

Example 2)

Pagina: (Trips and falls, stands up to try to brush it off and does an awkward jig in the process. Doesn't think anyone sees her)

Laurita: Siiick!

Pagina: Chuckles to herself.
by Lynn2005 June 05, 2013
What you say when you don't feel like dealing with shit.
"Hey! You wanna go teepee *name*'s house with me and Kyle?"

- "No dude, I'm sick"


"Honey, get up, you have to go to school today"

-"But mom, I'm feeling so sick right now"
by Lodo Kabodo May 13, 2012
When a living organism has started to feel very bad and feels like something out of place; emotionally or physically.
OMG i feel soo sick :(
by h.e.y.y.a.l.l. December 22, 2011
A neutral, family-based, socio-economic acronym often used to describe oneself: Single Income, Countless Kids
Used as an excuse to avoid a social invitation: "Sorry, can't make it to the after work happy hour. I'm SICK."

Used to place onself in a morally superior position: "I am SICK, and tired of hearing you complain."

Used to respond to a query about one's seemingly zombiefied appearance and lack of human responsiveness (due to lack of sleep): "Don't worry; I'm SICK but it's not contagious."
by goChurch November 03, 2011