A term used to describe an event that was so cool, awesome can't be used.
Joe Schmo: Dude! That backflip off your board was sick!
by Nerdasarous January 28, 2011
When something happens that is bad, when you are mad.
"Yo, I just spilled ketchup on my new pants."
"Ohhhhh. You sick!
by Crack Jack March 07, 2010
Used to describe an action that is perceived as comically undesirable.
Example 1)
Lauren: I accidentally kissed my date on the neck! He was leaning in, so I was in route for a kiss, but apparently he was going for a hug.

Amie: Ewe Laura! You're sick!

Example 2)

Pagina: (Trips and falls, stands up to try to brush it off and does an awkward jig in the process. Doesn't think anyone sees her)

Laurita: Siiick!

Pagina: Chuckles to herself.
by Lynn2005 June 05, 2013
What you say when you don't feel like dealing with shit.
"Hey! You wanna go teepee *name*'s house with me and Kyle?"

- "No dude, I'm sick"


"Honey, get up, you have to go to school today"

-"But mom, I'm feeling so sick right now"
by Lodo Kabodo May 13, 2012
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