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someone who is living secludedly
Being asked by a police officer she said: 'I didn't see anything, don't know anyone. I'm a shut-in. And I mind my own business.'
by marty41de September 02, 2006
Soemone who doesn't get out very much, ususally due to illness, handicap, old age.
To many a shut in, the internet is their life.
by E-Tommy December 27, 2006
A prisoner or recluse confined to a safe and comfortable area such as the home. The shut in lacks the capacity to regulate a stable social life as long as he or she is so confined, and in addition to a lack of healthy, natural sunlight, will usually become pale, depressed, insane, or generally pitiful in contrast to an outgoing individual. Synonymous with tight ass, worthless, stiff, and EverQuest player.
You fucking lazy piece of shit, maybe if you weren't such a shut in you'd find a nice job or a piece of ass.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
Somebody who doesn't get out enough. See loser or loner.
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003