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Less derogative pronunciation of "gay" which can be used to avoid coming off as homophobic. Particularly effective when spoken with a lisp and hand-slap jesture.
These stores are sooo gey
by cynicmusic August 31, 2004
annoying, retarded, frustrating, annything that bothers you. people use the word "gay" and it gets annoying to hear others say "how is it GAY?" so u say "gEy" and things will be OK!
Mom: take out the trash, billy!
Billy: god, ur so GEY
Dad: do ur homework billy!
Billy: homework is friking GEY
by sam i am August 09, 2005
A derivative of the word "gay". Many steps between gay and gey, such as geyp, geypey, and gaip, led to the final form of the word. Used in many different situations, the tone used in saying the word will define the exact meaning. Primarily used as a negative, in certain situations where it is understood by both parties, it can be a positive thing, mostly in a greeting and preceeded by the word "mista". In the most insulting form, it can mean a complete joke, a fake, a poseur; someone who is a failed attempt at being something tight. Unlike above examples, gey can never be used as a noun, but always an adjective.

"That band was sooo gey."
"Oh geeeeeeeeeey."
"I had to go to Saturday School today, it was seriously gey."

Positive (as understood by both parties):
(Greeting) "Ohhhh mista gey."
"I heard that you were an oh gey guy."
by MaBigOBalls July 04, 2006
Stupid. Silly. Absurd. Asinine. Basically everything normal people used "Gay" for, minus the homosexual part.
The "politically correct" version of the word "Gay". Since so many activists take offense to the loosely thrown about "Gay" version.
Did you see all those signs at the parade?
Ya, man. Those were so gey.
Wait, are you calling them homosexual?
No, dude. I'm calling them gey.
by Axel Edward June 01, 2010
Gey is a good thing, gay can mean stupid or homosexual while Gey(always used as if it's a proper noun) is good. Gey can mean cool, awesome, amazing, really anything good. It's the opposite of the word gay.
Me: Dude you're so Gey!

Other person: Dude I'm for sure straight!

Me: No Gey with an E not an A!

Other person: Ohhh thanks man your pretty Gey yourself!
by Random people! June 13, 2011
a) a slightly less offensive "gay"
b) a misspelling of the word gay
eric: damn this store is gey
julie: wtf yo it aint u bitch
eric: u gey julie
julie: u gay dayum ho face
by Cincodemayobetch November 29, 2007
When something exceeds being excessively gay.
VERB - "I think she wants to have sex with me, but I don't want to use her."
"..... Dude, totally gey."

NOUN - "I gotta go clean my new white basketball shoes, I'll meet up with you later."
"You're such a fucking gey."
by Balls November 14, 2004
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