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Being alone without any regrets, sadness, or depression. Not to be confused with "loneliness," where you are by yourself but long for the companionship of others.
Nicholas stayed at his mountain retreat in complete solitude. He was happy with his life.
by NarooN January 07, 2010
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1. Not to have anyone with you or to be alone.
The little girl was solitude in the world with no one to hold her. No one to care for her. Yet she smiled didn't let a tear slip down her face. She was strong.
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
The man was most happy in solitude.
by RemoveKebab December 31, 2014
Being alone.
"Maintaining a lighthouse sounds neat; I think I'd enjoy the solitude."
by thefanta May 03, 2010
CT ( Connecticut - 203 ) based rapper with strong views, opinions, & audience, especially on myspace

Has multiple search keys: Google -

" Rapper Solitude "
" Rap Solitude "
" CT Solitude "
Yo, check out the CT born rapper Solitude
by Solitude Fan April 16, 2007
To live alone because you don't want to hurt anyone more. You've been hurting people so much and you realize your mistakes and realize you need to distance yourself from people, even if it means no relationships with the opposite sex.
After College, i'm leaving America and never coming back. In France, i'll live in solitude. I won't be all "DEATH TO AMERICA" but I'll be all "*snickers*, that's their problem."
by Jedi_Master September 18, 2008
The act of forcing oneself to be alone by socialy distancing oneself from the abnormal or stately crowd, which (in all political correcteness) one may or may not indistinctly be abnormally humeur or intelligence, or that the person seeking afore mentioned substance of loner is, in fact, socially retarted.
Example: I am socially retarted and ugly as a donkeys ase,
Respons: Then, perhaps, one should recieve and find solitude.
by RastaJim January 23, 2007

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