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When someone destryos something due to their clumsyness or the size of their bodies.
Jeff tripped on the carpet and Shreked the entire living room.
by Cl8ts August 15, 2008
The post-experience of brutal anal sex leaving you butthurt but yet satisfied. Originated in the youtube video, "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life."
Yo man I just got shreked and my butt hurts so much but it was so good
by Mr.Sarastic November 07, 2014
to get jacked up or badly damaged
I was shreked after the wave smacked my head of the sand, and left me with scars on my face.
by CactusKid August 05, 2014
A combination of the words wrecked or decked and srewed. It is used when someone gets absolutely destroyed (reference to Patrick Willis from the 49ers shreking Brad Smith from the Jets".) due to there low level of physicality.
-Invented First By Vincent Watson
"Oh S*** did u just see tommy get absolutely shreked by Billy?!"
by JJBBJJ October 18, 2015
getting raped or fucked by shrek and enjoy it
i spread my butt cheaks for shrek as i got shreked
by bitchwhostolechritmas January 06, 2015
When a person passes out at a party drunk or passes out first you paint there face or entire body green with any paint marker etc and they wake up looking like they turned into shrek
Dude you got shreked last night Lets go shrek someone at this party tonight and paint whoever passes out first
by Typewriter war November 08, 2011
The act of fucking her right in the pussy, pull it out right at the cumshot you yell, " shhh it's all ogre now!!"
I got shreked last night man, his pull outgame is strong!
by Arael67 February 07, 2015
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