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When someone destryos something due to their clumsyness or the size of their bodies.
Jeff tripped on the carpet and Shreked the entire living room.
by Cl8ts August 15, 2008
to get jacked up or badly damaged
I was shreked after the wave smacked my head of the sand, and left me with scars on my face.
by CactusKid August 05, 2014
When a person passes out at a party drunk or passes out first you paint there face or entire body green with any paint marker etc and they wake up looking like they turned into shrek
Dude you got shreked last night Lets go shrek someone at this party tonight and paint whoever passes out first
by Typewriter war November 08, 2011
When your boyfriend's mouth is so big that when he goes to kiss you he swallows your face
It's impossible to kiss Mike, I get shreked every time!
by Donster the Monster October 31, 2010