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When someone gets completely destroyed.
"Ella got rekt"
"Oh my days, Ella got annihilated! #Rekt"
#rekt #destroyed #ella #owned #par
by jazzylad December 13, 2014
Text for "Wrecked", as sooo drunk you've forgotten your name but can just about type a text to your mate whose missed called you
hi m8, totes rekt, tlk 2mo
#wrecked #drunk #smashed #blotto #text
by PossiblyCouldOKIWill June 06, 2011
A term for the word "Wrecked." Can be used in text messages when one is in a hurry. Can also be used in online gaming when a player would cause another player to send hate mail regarding the skill of the one causing the anger.
Text Example
Texter 1: OMG Casey jst rekt his car nd Im in the ambulance w/him right now
Texter 2: lol Is he okay?

Online Gaming Example
Player 1: Why don't you get some actual skill and play the game right instead of spamming magic?
Player 2: Get rekt skrub
#rekt #wrecked #wreckt #wreck #anger #rage
by No_Gambit May 06, 2013
The MLG OG Hardcore Snoop Dog 420 Blaze it Faze Clan way of saying Wrecked
I just noscoped that scrub. Rekt.
#mlg #rekt #og #fazeclan #smokeweedeveryday
by Im IN Faze Clan 101 December 09, 2014
A popular phrase used by commenters on pun pages. Made popular by Jeff "Rekt" Suzuki.

Jeft: Get rekt
#jeff #suzuki #puns #rekt #wrecked
by fuxkypu September 16, 2014
When someone throws multiple rapid fire insults at a particular person so quickly that they don't have time to register the previous insults and are therefor speechless because they are trying to remember the insults so they can defend themselves.
You just got Rekt.
#(rekt) #(swag) #(insult) #(banter) #(speechless)
by Aaron'sFriends January 12, 2015
A word used to describe some or in action of someone who got "owned" or decimated in a fight or argument. It is widely used by gamers and hipsters. This doesn't mean your not cool by saying this.
Gamer 1: You think you can 1v1 me and not get rekt?
Gamer 2: Unless your looking to suck my dick.
Gamer 1: When did genitals get evolved?
#gaming #social #slang #wrecked #urban
by Pegu March 08, 2015
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