1. inf verb: to extract the audio track from a video (usually featuring an overblown, over-rated rock guitarist) and replace it with perfectly synchronized, very well played rubbish. The joyful result of this painstaking process renders the featured musician looking even more totally fucking risible than they were already.

2. noun: A parody video clip likely to be removed from YouTube
Video by StSanders: Yngwie Malmstrom Shreds.
by Tibenham February 10, 2008
The act of playing fast on a guitar. It can be done with grace, anger, and ownageness
Steve Vai shreds like a madman
by Doug April 12, 2004
To shred is to snowboard down a mountain in absolute style. Carving, bombing and just absolutely destroying the pow. Chuckin roosts is a favorite by most shredders.

Shredders don't give a fuck, They have any answer for every question, answers usually consisting of "fuck it lets shred' and "Do you even roost?".

Skiiers DO NOT shred

Shredology is the study of shredding, It can be learnt only on the mountain, and taught by very few.
Imigration officer: "So why do you come to Japan?"
Shredder: " Oh you know just to shred pow and shit its gunna be fukn siik ayy!"
Imigration Officer: " Shre-do Pow-do?"
by Powderpuppy December 09, 2013
Shred (V.)
To cut, slice, chop or carve a path or line through snow, surf, skate park or any kind of trail. The term shred does NOT extend to sky diving, hang gliding, wing suit flying, or motor sports of any kind. Shred can also be used to discribe injuries inflicted while participating in an extreme sport.
Skier 1: Dude! I'm gonna send that cliff.

Skier 2: Shred it hard bro!

Biker 1: Wanna shred some trail today?

Biker 2: Can't, I need a new front disk, remember...

Surfer 1: High tide in an hour, wanna surf?

Surfer 2: let's shred some curl!

Skater: Dude I shredded my face on that quarter pipe!

Friend: I can tell...
by Proveyourpoint April 16, 2014
A style of music synonymous with the guitar, often using connection beats at a higher tempo than popularized through western music.
Shred IS in fact more technically demanding than nu-metal, and is also much more fun to play. BOOYAH
by Sliceman July 09, 2003
to go play snowboards -- on the mountain, streets, wherevas goood
lets go shred the gnar
by p.b. March 03, 2012
As a male, to call a fellow male attractive without coming across as homosexual to your peers and the subject of your complement.
Mate, you look bare shred today yeah.
I wish I was as shred as him.
Justin Bieber is not shred.
by wishiwashisushi November 16, 2010

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