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Any multi-ethnic , very attractive young lady living a carefree life in the eyes of many who wish to perue but non can seem to catch.
Very elusive and sometimes reclusive.
Often seen having and making money....
she has only on vice.
"Yo Jakki!.....What are we doing tonight?"

"Every crew needs a Jakki!"
by Steez January 06, 2004
Basically BB is a site that originated in Boston, dedicated to the local hardcore scene. From Boston Beatdown came bands such as Blood for Blood, and is the homegrounds for FSU crew.
adfasf Boston BeatDowns the shit
by steez November 30, 2004
Another name for a penis....
I have a nice throckwood.....thank you, thank you
by Steez November 25, 2003
snowboarder whos in it for the fun of the sport, not to care about being sponsered, a local shred
that shred has got some steez!

hey did you see that shred bonk off that skiers helmet??!
by steez July 08, 2004
somw girls that be straiht up and want to get with yo
like we was playin these bitches and they was fucking suckin us of yo

sheldon is an idiot
by steez November 21, 2003

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