A style of music synonymous with the guitar, often using connection beats at a higher tempo than popularized through western music.
Shred IS in fact more technically demanding than nu-metal, and is also much more fun to play. BOOYAH
by Sliceman July 09, 2003
To exert forceful dominance over the slopes while skiing.
'Hey let's go skiing this weekend!'
'I'm down, should we bring our girlfriends?'
'Fuck no, I'm trying to shred.'
by Man of Gold November 21, 2013
a sub-genre of heavy metal that is focused very fast, very complicated guitar solos. Most shredders are virtuosos. Shred song rarely has vocals, and has no mainstream appeal whatsoever. It is only popular with guitar players
Well-Known shredders: Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Michael Angelo
by Zaal' Goron May 21, 2005
Shredding may be used in any context but it is usually referred to by "shredding the slopes" in which a snowboard carves up the ice.Skiers do not shred. You can also shred all over somebodys face.;
1st Example
person 1: Dude, did you see all that fresh powder?
Person 2: Yea bro, lets go shred it up.

2nd Example
person 1: Hey did you see that mega babe in that store?
person 2: Yea, I want to shred all over her - or - I want to shred her ice with my boner.
by claywol March 24, 2008
To wail upon a guitar...Hard.

To say that a Metal band is totally righteous.
Dude, the emaciated blonde lead guitarist from Manowar can totally shred!
by Sky Puncher August 17, 2006
n the context of an electric guitar, "shredding" refers to a virtuosic, highly technical style of playing the instrument, as exemplified by the virtuosos of the eighties such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen or Michael Angelo Batio

Other guitarists include jason becker and marty friedman

The technique consists of complex fast speed picking and sweeping, performing lightning fast riffs and solos


It's popularity plummeted along with most other metal genres with the arrival of the very simple genre Grunge, which focused on talentless musicians who hadnt bothered to learn their instrument with the passion of shredders


It has been said that shredding is a very boring experience which focuses more on showing off than showing emotion, which is a description used only by people who do not understand guitar...It is a master class in how much energy and focus you should put into learning your instrument and should be admired not ridiculed...


Most recent shredders include dragonforce guitarist Herman Li and the very plain rusty cooley
Shred is not used in Nu Metal or other bland genres, which focus more on hip hop or electronic noises...shred is the music for people who have took time to master their skill on guitar
by Junglemanchild June 02, 2005
1. Only the coolest guy you'll EVER meet!
"omg its shreds off myspace"
"omg and he has a beard <3"
"omg lets go subside"
"omg get up off the floor, remove your hand from my knee and let go off my beard"
by beard4eva October 15, 2007

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