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1. The Death of 1,000,000 people in a nuclear explosion

2. A band created by former metallica guitarist dave mustaine , They play harder and faster than MetallicA ... They also stick to what they are good at and didn't sell out like MetallicA.

Megadeth are the best speed metal band ever
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, Mordor is the dwelling place of Sauron, in the southeast of Middle-earth to the East of Anduin, the great river. Frodo and Sam went there to destroy the One Ring. Mordor was unique because of the three enormous mountain ridges surrounding it, from the North, from the West and from the South, that protected this land from an unexpected invasion by any of the people living in those directions.

Mordor was a relic of the devastating works of Morgoth, apparently formed by massive volcanic eruptions. It was given the name Mordor already before Sauron settled there, because of its volcano Orodruin and its eruptions.

Mordor actually has two meanings: "The Black Land" in Tolkien's contrived language Sindarin, and "The Land of Shadow" in Quenya. The root mor ("dark", "black") also appears in Moria. Dor ("land") also appears in Gondor ("stone-land") and Doriath ("fenced land"). The Quenya word for Shadow is "mordo".

A proposed etymology out of the context of Middle-earth is Old English morthor, which means "mortal sin" or "murder". (The latter are descended from the former.) It is not uncommon for names in Tolkien's fiction to have relevant meanings in several languages, both those invented by Tolkien, and "real" ones, but this of course happens with any two languages. Mordor is also a name cited in some Nordic mythologies referring to a land where its citizens practise evil without knowing it, imposed on themselves by the society long created for that purpose. This quite fits with Tolkien's Mordor.
Sauron settled in Mordor shortly after the end of the First Age
by Junglemanchild August 01, 2005
Probably the most influencial power band to come out of europe along with blind guardian ... You can split Helloween into two parts...one if the melodic speed power metal band heard throughout the 80's with classic albums such as Walls Of Jericho and Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1+2.

The other is the band lost without kai hansen and michael kiske , a much different band which has lost the brilliance from the 80's...and replaced it with singer andi deris who is very poor live

Greatest Work is Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Helloween are great !!
by Junglemanchild April 13, 2005
Neo Classical Guitarist

Created the genre known as "shred" in which the guitarist plays various difficult scales and harmonies...

Many people believe his music is repetitive and others think he is too arrogant for his own good
Yngwie J Malmsteen is a guitar god!
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
An Italian Epic Power/Symphonic Metal Band. Debut album was released in 1997 and is very original and very enjoyable. Major classical and neoclassical influences. Songs are complex, some are predictable but they have an impressive discography. A similar band is Luca Turilli who is of course the guitarist of Rhapsody.
Black Dragon is NOT a Rhapsody song, it is Luca Turilli!
by Junglemanchild August 07, 2005
A band created by "Kai Hansen" who was the guitarist and vocalist for the German melodic power metal band "Helloween"...Helloweens best music was created when Kai Hansen was in the band...now he has moved his talent to Gamma Ray...A heavier Helloween...Who have songs about anything from...Illuminati, Space and Metal...Best Power Band Ever
"Andy Deris for Helloween...Nah...Kai Hansen in Gamma Ray...fuck yes"
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
The worst excuse for a "Metal" band in the history of the world

Pop Rock group who sing about the same things, how they feel hurt, how they are misunderstood....Just like their fans think their lives are like.

They are millionaires and still moan and say they are sad...to get more money.

Fans are usually 13 year old "skaters" who think its hardcore and non mainstream...

Pathetic...Hopefully they "breakup" like all other boy bands
LP Fan "Did you go to the Linkin Park gig"

Me "No i went to see Manowar and Slayer instead"

LP Fan "Who?"

Me "Oh you know , bands that are METAL!"

LP Fan "Probably not as metal as LP"

Me "Fuck off you retard, go back with the cattle"
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
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