Herman Li of Dragonforce
Hey shred, you play guitar like nobody else!!
by Jamie Hesketh October 28, 2004
Kayaking: Surfing a gnarly wave with grace and style.
Dude you totally shredded that wave! Nice endo by the way!
by shum February 21, 2003
To makeout, kiss, or fondle; Any close or intimate contact between two people that ranges from holding hands to sex. Includes kissing, grinding, fellatio, cunnilingus, and 69. However, shredding may or may not include hugging.
Dude, don't go in Tom's room. He's totally shredding with Marissa.
by Adrian Saunders March 10, 2008
To play freestyle footbag. Busting out big tricks and awesome combos.
Hey man, you wanna shred?
He was shredding it up at the comp.
by NotHisRealName August 28, 2006
To separate into strands with a sharp blade.
The ninja used his sword to shred the muggers who tried to rob him.
by AYB March 30, 2003
To fuck a girl really hard
Man I gone shred that pussy
by Micheal February 24, 2005
the fine art of taking a shit.
I have to go take a shred.

I shredded all over the bathroom
by jRo January 10, 2004

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