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shredding, shredded or shred
1. partying at the most varsity level
2. bizness time with someone
3. to act w/ enthusiasm and vigor

ORIGIN Ugly's, Mt. View, CA; San Francisco
"We shredded the 993 so hard it was lights out for months."

"He's cute, I'm SO gonna shred him."

"Whatever you do, keep shredding!"

"Huey Lewis SHREDS."

"We were shredding so hard we were SNORTING the whiskey."
by Sweetteets January 21, 2009
snowboarder whos in it for the fun of the sport, not to care about being sponsered, a local shred
that shred has got some steez!

hey did you see that shred bonk off that skiers helmet??!
by steez July 08, 2004
The color your asshole is left after getting fucked in the ass by a twelve inch dick with no lube. (Shred = shit+red)
The cops will never take me alive again. My Shred ass can never go back to the pen.
by Richard Slick August 15, 2008
To own others in the sport of lacrosse.

To play guitar very quickly

To surf or skateboard insanely.
That dude is shredding on the field.
by E-Dawgy May 13, 2008
To makeout, kiss, or fondle; Any close or intimate contact between two people that ranges from holding hands to sex. Includes kissing, grinding, fellatio, cunnilingus, and 69. However, shredding may or may not include hugging.
Dude, don't go in Tom's room. He's totally shredding with Marissa.
by Adrian Saunders March 08, 2008
To dance so badly it clears the entire dance floor.

A more specific definition is to dance while holding one's foot with one hand and waving around the other hand like a windmill.

May also involve a bad attempt at a striptease.
Paige pulled the shred at matt's party

Sara shredded it while she was pissed
by sara and tenielle December 09, 2006
Windsurfing in gnarly winds/during a small craft advisory on a shortboard with mad skills. Can include straight out speed, wave riding, or freestyle.
"I was shredding hardcore in these 25+ mph winds"
by St. Marys Windsurfing October 19, 2006