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to shred the gnar originated in the early days of skateboarding. gnar shredding has become popular for many 'extreme sports' including skiing and snowboarding.

dude, lets go shred the gnar !
bro, i cant.
last gnar session i tweaked my dome.
by mrks August 18, 2007
To go big, never stop or give up; accept the reality that anything is possible, and everything can be accomplished if you set your mind to it..
You gunna get rowdy on that death gap? Man shred the gnar.
by Bro stay gold October 12, 2008
A snowboarding and surfing term. Extreme riding
hey man, theres some sick fresh powder out... in so stoked to go shred the gnar!
by a snowboarder July 27, 2011
the term in which snowboarders use to define the act of snowboarding during or in a gnarly place/time.
Lets go Shred The Gnar!
by clarkstonlax February 07, 2011
contrary to other people's thoughts, shred the gnar means snowboarding, not fitting surroundings
person a: hey man you wanna shred the gnar?
person b: hell yeah brah i just got a new shred sled.
person a: sick nasty.
by B-HamBlamJam August 23, 2009
to snowboard to one's fullest potetial on difficult or challenging terrain.
"cant belive i made it down alive!!!!"

"yea man, you were shredding the gnar!!!"

"yea i did shred the gnar"
by cp-dawg November 12, 2009
When you beat the high score for that level on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater dude!!!!!!!
Tom: Dude I just shred the gnar on that level with Bam Margera!!!!!

Mike: Douschebag!
by Joe S. M June 27, 2009
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