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5 definitions by §håÐðw

your 'ends' is your area
"what ends you from?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
384 184
your home
"my milkshake brings all the boys to my yard.."

"meet you at my yard in 5, aight?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
136 49
same as ends, your manor is your area.
"what manor you from?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
95 32
a verb meaning "to sell drugs"
i used ta shot but stopped when boydem clocked me.
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
26 25
to get clocked is to get caught out. mostly used to suggest being caught out by boydem, though also family, or partners. lol
"she clocked onto you nicely..."

"i used to shot until boydem clocked me"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
25 48