noun; used by a third party person to express when somebody has insulted or humiliated another person
Luke: Shut up Pat, you suck dick for crack.

Jim: Shorts, Pat!
by patper November 23, 2004
Short was used long before there were compact cars. It goes back to at least the Forties on the Southside of Chicago. It means ANY car. It was from the vernacular of hotrodders and black gangsters. It probably derives from "hot short", which evolved to "hotwire" ... a car.
Get your short and let's go for a ride.
by Searle Rosen July 24, 2006
to smoke the last few drags of anothers cigarette.
(Hector) yo Lopez, save me shorts off that square.
(Lopez) fuck off G, go get a paper route and buy your own biotch its my last one.
dude, i just lost my mcjob, can you save me shorts
by grimsweeper January 16, 2004
Someone below average height
Tall person: Ur short
Short person: I may be short but ur ugly and i still have time to grow
by gurliegurl55 January 06, 2011
what a guy is if he's 5'6 or under and what a woman is if she's 5'3 or under.
Natalie is only 5'0 tall. She's short.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
The act of expressing intent to finish what one has not already finished; it is particularly (but not solely) used to voice one's wish to finish the smoking of another's cigarette.
"Bro, let me get shorts on that sandwich."

"Shit i forgot my pack, can I get shorts on your square?"
by DM$NEYY December 06, 2007
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