A disrespect or insult to a someone.
People usually use it instigate a fight
You gonna take dat short!!!
by tsukikodream October 28, 2010
(noun) - a small portion of a cigarette, maybe a few deuces
Yo, lemme get a short.
by youngbull June 21, 2005
to sell a security in anticipation of price decline
i got rich shorting enron stock
by deadcat June 10, 2003
Slang term meaning car.
"Damn, that your new short?"
by mr00jimbo August 01, 2005
When used in the context of dubbing someone as such, shall really mean "Penis" in a complementary fashion. For Example: "You are Short", really means "You have a large penis". Those using this phrase usually cannot stop thinking about penis, and should be treated as such.

Commonly used by Saint Thomasians.
A: "You sir, are short"
B: "Why thank you, and I must say your obsession over penis is making me uncomfortable.
by Sir Zesty Toucan October 29, 2010
it can describe how stupid someone is or it can mean that your lackin on funds .need some c notes
yo bra theres only 19 bucks here bra , ya short , shop closed man
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
to be small as a woman or average sized/small as a male
wow did you see Josh? he's so short!
by spaceacejace June 30, 2014
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