Shortened version of the figure skating term, "short program," meaning the technical portion of a figure skating competition.
Sasha Cohen made just one mistake during the short, but Amber Corwin made two.
by fsfan February 15, 2005
A compact car in the black ghetto.
man. That be a mean short.
by Moe-Foe September 28, 2003
Video vignettes, between 2 and 30 minutes in length that express a message complete in itself.
One of the things I like about Zed is that it provides a venue for creative video makers to showcase their shorts.
by laura_jean January 03, 2005
The last few drags of a cigarette
"Hey, can I have shorts on that cigarette"
by hawiianchic April 27, 2012
any small or large sum of money.
I went to pick up a short from my grandmother.
by douglas baxter April 07, 2008
an alcoholic drink mixed with a soft drink
vodka and coke, vodka and lemonade, jack daniels and coke are all shorts
by gary sutherland April 05, 2006
A person who does not fully understand what is going on in a situation that they are in.
She was short when we made a joke about that guy's tight jeans.
by Porcsha January 04, 2006

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