Midwest elderly slang for boxer shorts. Mainly used by older folks, nearly always white boxers.
You can't go out there like that to get the paper. You're in your shorts.
by Jonaog March 11, 2008
it can describe how stupid someone is or it can mean that your lackin on funds .need some c notes
yo bra theres only 19 bucks here bra , ya short , shop closed man
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
when your the height of your guy's dick
she was so short she didnt need to bend over to blow him
by angelfromhell623 January 04, 2005
short -person whoose getting out of the military soon.
I got only 1 day man can't get shorter then that.
by jake smith May 25, 2004
Half smoked cigarette given to by someone
YOU: "bust me down a short"

Response: "I got you let me take two more drags"


YOU: "Yo bust me down a short"

Response "I would but i just bought this loosey from the Chinese store on da corner"
by STD85 June 20, 2010
1960s; a car, especially if it is hot-rodded or identifiable with a younger age group - teen to early twenties
Man, check out that sweet short Dewey's driving.
by Dr. Rag January 13, 2010
Shortened version of the figure skating term, "short program," meaning the technical portion of a figure skating competition.
Sasha Cohen made just one mistake during the short, but Amber Corwin made two.
by fsfan February 15, 2005
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