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a fake. not the real deal an imitation
its a fuckin fugazzi!
shes a fucking fugazzi
by deadcat June 24, 2003
to exit, leave ,take off, get the fuck out of dodge.
dude im gonna bail
by deadcat June 10, 2003
a cramper is someone who just basicly sucks to be around and at the same time ignorantly thinks they are so cool to hang out with, no one ever knows how they got there or who invited them but no one ever tells them strait up to hit the road
is the cramper over there?
fuck it. call me later..
by deadcat June 10, 2003
to sell a security in anticipation of price decline
i got rich shorting enron stock
by deadcat June 10, 2003
Proper noun. Extremely good game player. See also menace.
Also a dead cat.
What a deadcat.
by deadcat June 14, 2004

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