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Party / Going to a party / Having a party
"Yo bruv are u going 2 Menzies' shoobs tonight?"

"Cuz that shoobs last night was sik ting!"

"Blud come to Menzies's shoob ting!"

by Chris Menzies June 06, 2006
to go to a shoobs is to go to a party
there's a shoobs tonight, are you going?
by fusion October 15, 2003
noun. someone who does/would wear shoes on the beach.

A tourist or outsider.

Someone can be called a Shoob out of the context of the beach , based on the assumption that the person WOULD wear shoes if they were on the beach.

Shoob derives from S-H-O-es O-n the B-each
"Ugh look at those Shoobs."
by Marak April 02, 2006
Shoob means tourist, outsider or poseur.
The tourists at the PS1 party were obvious shoobs.
by CTL March 09, 2005
Boobs that are so droopy, they reach down to her shoes.
Dave: She wears those low cut shirts to show off her boobs. They must be great.
Bill: Lawd No! I saw them last night - they tumbled out of her bra and almost hit the floor.
Dave: Awh man, she has shoobs. Stay away from those!
by freightcar August 06, 2014
To shove or to push with great force. Jamaican origin.
The closet is full, do not shoob the shoes in there.
by Crisceida October 10, 2013
an abbrieviation of shoobies. it is faster to say, and therefore bash the shoobies.
"The fucking idiotic shoobs feed the swarming seagulls".
by socksDON'Tgowithsandalsdumbass December 30, 2009

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