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A term that originated in southern New Jersey that was used to describe tourists who packed lunches in shoe boxes to bring to the beach. Currently, the term is used to describe the flocks of northerners and Pennsylvanian's that travel to the South Jersey coastline during the summertime. They typically come in carpools of 5 or more, drive like snails, and crowd South Jersey boardwalks and beaches so much that locals can't enjoy themselves in their own hometowns.
Guy 1: "Why the hell is traffic on the Expressway moving so slow today?"

Guy 2: "Because of all of these fucking shoobies, they don't know how to drive."

Guy 1: "Yea, I bet they're all heading to the beach. We'll never be able to find a good spot to relax."

Guy 2: "Yea, all of the shoobies are gonna be crowding the sand with they're excessively sun block slathered bodies, and their Nike cross trainers."
by Britttttttt August 16, 2006
A word to describe people on the beach who wear shoes. They aren't locals and are usually tourists. Shoobies are disliked by locals.
Look at that fucking shoobie, what the fuck is he doing on the beach with those damn shoes.
by Shayan July 21, 2005
People who go to the beach, generally tourists, that wear socks under their sandals and are a general annoyance to all the locals
see rocket power shoobies clips and youll understand rite away!
by fairboys21 June 10, 2010
A new world greeting that replaces the pound. It consists of saying "Shooby" to the person you are greeting and being given the same response unless you are absolutely hated by the person, or you aren't cool enough in their eyes.
*walks into chemistry class and looks at friend* "Shooby!" *friend replies* "Shooby!" and the world goes on.
by Turtle Toe January 15, 2009
Plural is "Shoobies"

Used to define obnoxious tourists. They usually come in vans equipped with kayaks, and are 40+ years.Shoobies believe they know everything about your hometown because they read it in a brochure.
Tourist: Did you know that The Old Sow is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere?!

Guy 1:.....Yeah,I've lived here my whole life man.

Guy 2: Jesus,what a shooby
by .LitiumKris June 23, 2009
(verb) to shooby - to get into a state of extreme drunkeness whilst having a fucking whale of a time with your mates!! sHoObY YAAS. To have a Blast to shooby !

Shooby on down ...
Awww wit man i pure shoobied a beast last night.

Shooby maaaan !!

Time to Shooby!
by Kevin Mcadam February 14, 2005
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