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Philadelphian word for a sub sandwhich. Word likely has its origins from "Hog Island", which was an island intersecting the Delaware and Schuylkyl Rivers. The Irish and Italian people who lived there during the early 20th century where known as "Hog Islanders." In addition, they referred to one another many times as "Hogans" during their lunchbreaks. Eventually, the unique sandwhiches the men ate (they where large loaves of Philadelphian bread filled with meats--a precurser to the moder sub/hoagie) simply became known as "hoggies." Sometime by the end of WWII, the word transformed into its modern pronunciation and spelling: "hoagie."
John: You want to get some sandwhiches at Subway?

Friend: Nah. They're not real hoagies. I'd rather go somewhere else.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
A Philadelphia-area colloquialism for sub or submarine sandwich often known in the New York City Metropolitan area as a hero.


One would not say "Meatball hoagie" they would say "Meatball sandwich" or "Meatball sub".
Let's go to Gino's to grab a hoagie.
by Sam Carmichael-Parker December 08, 2004
Old Pennsylvanianish term refering to a Submarine Sandwich.
Gimme' a Italian Hoagie to go...
by Johnny Pseudonym January 25, 2005
Sandwich (made in Philadelphia and surrounding areas) on Italian long Roll. Consists of any type of sliced Deli(lunch) meat that is heavily layered inside the roll. A Hoagie is made up of any combination of shredded lettuce,sliced tomato,sliced cheese,hot peppers,sweet peppers, mayo on roll. A hoagie can also be made with tuna instead of deli meat
Yo im goin' to da Papi store to get a hoagie.
by CandyRain89 September 09, 2011
When a woman lies on her back and a man places his package on top of her body. This classic move works best with a flaccid penis. (For more than one guy, you can check out the definition: Deli Tray)
So I took her hand and I said "I love you so much. Now lay on your back and let me give you the Hoagie".
by Bobby Ricochet February 22, 2015
An awesome sandwich from wawa... not to be confused with a sub, grinder, hero, or any variation of other terms...the greatest sandwich ever is a hoagie.
child: Mr. Travis? What's a hoagie?

Mr. Travis: It's a sub dawg!
by action squad May 20, 2011
(noun) An overweight caucasian male with a propensity for eating (usually cheesesteaks, sub sandwiches, or both) and supporting his local sports team. Most commonly found in the Philadelphia area but rumored to exist throughout the United States of America. Can be identified by their inclination to cause havoc when their favored sports team wins or loses, suppressed anger expressed through road rage, and their affinity for drunkeness.
Rocky: Ay yo, Adrian, you going to the city today or what?

Adrian: No way! There's an Eagles game today and I know the stupid hoagies are going to be out and acting like buffoons.

Man, a bunch of hoagies just flipped my car over! I hate it when the Phillies win the World Series.
by Captain Canoe April 12, 2009
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