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18 definitions by fusion

A protoss infantry unit who uses ki blades or phyonic blades that can slice through anything.
by Fusion October 02, 2003
A high school is a porthole to hell where everyone goes insane ranging causes such as:
Keeping track of who the slutty girls in your school are going out with.
Trying to be cool.
Trying to find wtf crowd you belong in.
#1 Trying to keep sane.
There are also an ass load of crowds, as described above.
Ooooooooooo no!
by Fusion September 19, 2003
to go to a shoobs is to go to a party
there's a shoobs tonight, are you going?
by fusion October 15, 2003
short person who likes crawling into peoples asses.
Shut up you ass gnome.

Note: qiut handy if you cant wipe your own ass
by Fusion September 19, 2003
My Hero
hes the man
by Fusion September 22, 2003
Just Another Fancy Word For Dickhead
Hey Fuckstick, If You Dont Like Who Your Playin With, You Can Leave!
by Fusion November 15, 2002
A great hobby filled with retarded stereotypes.
Jock: "Hey Dawg They be playin D&D Lets go be ass holes and steal their dice"
Player:(Pulls out MP5)Ratatatata!
by Fusion September 24, 2003