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The act of putting one's receipt into an organizational system of shoe boxes.
I got a receipt when I bought my iPhone, so I shoeboxed it on!
by Michael Ansel September 09, 2007
When you've gone from being in a current relationship to being lumped with all past relationships.
I had to shoebox Paula's things once Stacy and I started getting serious.

I am pretty certain Bob shoe-boxed me, I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks
by Stacy Contryman March 24, 2008
(n.) the act of being owned, faced, schooled, iced, denied, shut down, fronted or any other reasonable facsimile thereof.

(adj.) to exist in a state of idiotic behavior; to not be steady on one's feet or in one's state of mind (especially).
(n.) "Mary just totally shoeboxed you out there on the basketball court!"

(adj.) "Didn't you hear that Tommy got amazingly shoeboxed the other night?"
by O'Dea April 03, 2006
To be killed cheaply by a very bad player. (In a game)
You've been shoeboxed...
by FfoxXTtrotT June 11, 2003
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