Top Definition
1. To fill in those awkward awkward silences
2. To express happiness
3. Another word for "snap!"
4. A great word to say when drunk/high/generally smashed.

Could possibly be a verb...
"What the hell does shming mean?"
"Who cares. Shming!"
by Bel October 11, 2005
Shming, shminging, shminged

1. An alternative for cursing
2. An amusing replacement for any swear word, or any Word to express emotion
"You little shming", "you're such a shming bag!",

"I'm so shminging happy"
by grabbelsdorf March 27, 2015
a collection of unwanted matter anywhere unwanted matter can be found.
Dude, you've got some shming on your lip.
by JarretH40 March 05, 2007
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