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The most isolated city in the world.
Perth is so far away!
by Bel May 03, 2005
vegetable extract spread. yum....
spread THINLY on toast or bread, with or without butter.
if spread too thickly, vegemite is inedible, even for aussies.
by Bel April 30, 2005
another slang word for police
quick, it's the coppers!
by Bel May 04, 2005
The island of incest off the coast of Australia. All Tasmanians are related to each other.
"Why are you going to Tasmania?"
"Because my cousin is marrying my sister"
by Bel March 13, 2005
Something that happens when Yahoo! Towers players break a series of blocks spelling out the word Yahoo! and immediately breaking something, sending blocks out to his opponents to fill up their screens.
Used by players with more experience.
Hey man, did you see that hoo? That's skills!
by Bel January 21, 2005
The sexy Master Vampire in Laurell K. Hamiltons Anita Blake series.
Jean Clause was Master of St. Louis, he as the best of the best and he wanted me.
by Bel January 19, 2005
1. To fill in those awkward awkward silences
2. To express happiness
3. Another word for "snap!"
4. A great word to say when drunk/high/generally smashed.

Could possibly be a verb...
"What the hell does shming mean?"
"Who cares. Shming!"
by Bel October 11, 2005

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