The act of drinking beyond hammered.
Me: Yo dog, you okay?
Buck: Blzzh, I'm shmammered! (pukes)
by Haaalub March 31, 2008
Whilst drinking, if you are tetoring on levels smashed and hammered this is the correct word.
Dude i had no idea that was your sister man i was just so fucking shmammered i couldnt remember.
by Dr. Dez October 01, 2007
The act of being so drunk you act like a fool and usually end up praying to the porcelain god, or sleeping naked in a bush in your nieghbors yard.
I wanna get really shmammered tonight!
by WordsofWisdom13 April 19, 2011
A state of inebriation between smashed and hammered
I was shmammered last night..
I got shammered at that party last night..
by Islandoger February 03, 2010
Stoned and Hammered
Being High, than Getting drunk
by Lucas Tait May 26, 2003
(Adj.) Being extremely drunk; CRAZY: Blackout; Blank; aggressive; uncontrollable; unable to handle; higher than shitfaced and hammered
Last night you were shmammered!!!! Do you remember?!
by garygarland November 23, 2015
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