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Getting so drunk that you are smashed and hammered at the same time.
Eric: Dude; I was so drunk last night, I think I ate from a dog bowl
Phil: Yeah man... You were shammered!
by Mr BigG February 14, 2015
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hammered and smashed combined into one
"omg I was so fuckn shmammered at daniel's party!"
by Fini August 08, 2004
like being hammered only much, much, more so.
'good night last night dude?' 'i have no idea whatsoever. i was shammered'
by brooke March 14, 2004
The state of being shit faced and hammered.
Man i just bunned soo much chronic, and downed that 40, i'm sooo shammed(shammered).
by Evan SHort September 21, 2006
Shammered: Originated from the use of a construction tool term, 'hammered', to describe excess alcohol in the body. 'Shit' from the origin of curse, is commonly used as an adjective to modify a noun in a positive, negative, derogative, or usually a useless sense. It sometimes can be used alone and still be considered a complete sentence as do other words of the curse origin. In this term the root word 'hammered' is being modified by the term 'shit'. Thus the adjective 'shit' is positively or negatively describing the state of hammered. This still does not define the 'shit hammered' experience as being a positive or a negative one. That is a personal decision. 'Shit hammered' has over time been shortend or slurred to end up being pronounced 'shammered'. Or something close.
"shammerdly, shammerdest, shammerding"
"Damn I am shammered!"
"You are walking very shammerdly."
"That's the shammerdest thing I have ever seen"
"You should be shammered of yourself"
etc... you get the picture...
by mckenzie1 February 07, 2006
"Shammered" is another way of describing someone who appears or is drunk.

Derived from the slang/phrase "Hammered," which also describes someone who is drunk, and the word "Shot," which, in drinking terms, describes some who is totally piss drunk "Shot," and is acting like a compete idiot because of it; therefore his mind is "shot." (Gone) (Done) (Finished) (Temporarily Fried)
Oh my god, Dom that guy is totally f*ucken "Shammered." He doesn't even know what he's doing or saying.
by Gianni Devino August 28, 2009
Seriously + Hammered = Shammered
"That joker is so shammered".
by Asecis April 12, 2005

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