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Used in polite circles when you are out on the lash need to go home for a poo. Best used with embellishment.
Brad: Sorry lads but I have got to go home and let the dogs out.
Angelina: I thought so, they have been barking all afternoon.
Brad: Yeah, if I don't go now there will be horrible mess.
#taking a dump #dropping the kiddies of at the pool #laying cable #crimping on off #going to read the newspaper
by Horselhoff September 04, 2007
To party with no inhibitions; i.e. unleash the beast. The phrase was originally made popular by the worst song of all time, "who let the dogs out?", but now is used mockingly.
Since the world is supposedly going to end tomorrow, I am going to let the dogs out tonight.
#unleash the beast #tear it up #get pissed #smashed #hammered
by jeru411 May 27, 2011
To become overly intoxicated to the point where you just run around wild.
Aaron: What should we do tonight?
Jon: I don't know you want to let the dogs out?
Aaron: I'm down!
#letting the dogs out #who let the dogs out #let the dogs out #intoxicated #party term
by FreedomKyll August 06, 2011
An attempt to find a lot of partners for sexual intercourse, and let them have it.
Lets go out with Marsha and her friend and let the dogs out later!
#let #the #dogs #out #sex #sexual #intercourse
by Netsnoop73 December 18, 2008
Telling a girl to expose her breasts.
When you want to get a party started, then let the dogs out.
#who let the dogs out? #let the dogs out #expose #breasts #tits
by Fleshy Fingerbone June 02, 2012
To make a bad call. To become ridiculous. To exposoe oneself in a bad way. To go out without wearing underwear, with intent to reveal. To be unshaved.
OMG did you see those pics Samantha posted? Yeah, she really let the dogs out on that one!
#ugly #hideous #bushism #naked #paris hilton hairy
by nj jane April 16, 2007
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