A "Shit House" is what you call someone who is very ugly.
"Look at that guy over there with the mullet, what a shit house.
by Tonto November 18, 2004
emphazizing the piont.
C mon boss i just ran to the SHITHOUSE
by stp June 28, 2003
A combination of "rocks the house" and "the shit". Used to describe something good.
That band Dredg is the shithouse
by RobertC20 May 28, 2005
(proper name)
of a kick-ass band
I bought the new SHITHOUSE CD at shithouserocks.com
by da john September 08, 2003
a persons stomach
my shit house is killin me like a bitch after drinkin all that cum
by dragonslayer1111 January 15, 2003
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