emphazizing the piont.
C mon boss i just ran to the SHITHOUSE
by stp June 28, 2003
A combination of "rocks the house" and "the shit". Used to describe something good.
That band Dredg is the shithouse
by RobertC20 May 28, 2005
a really fucked up thing like really messed up.
by star September 29, 2003
The crap bootlegged and sold at hard to find records
HTFR specialises in shit house
by Vexxed May 25, 2006
(proper name)
of a kick-ass band
I bought the new SHITHOUSE CD at
by da john September 08, 2003
a persons stomach
my shit house is killin me like a bitch after drinkin all that cum
by dragonslayer1111 January 15, 2003

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